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Ülker Arena- league of legends Turkey Champions League Final Game(2015)

General Information about E-sports

The developments in the field of technology have influenced the sports field as well as every other area, causing new and some developments to occur. One of these developments is electronic sports . Electronic sports has both physical and mental characteristics: it does not require huge financial resources compared to traditional sports in terms of execution in virtual or computer environment, new facilities or equipment, the ability to perform this sport in every region of the world, the game is open to the nature, and the vehicle specific to the nature is required. Electronic sports can be defined as a sport in which a person on one end of the world can meet and play games on the other side of the world via the Internet or require both physical and mental effort to meet people from different parts of the world through large electronic sports organisations.

There are three important factors that make electronic sports come from past times to today. These three factors bring people together under one roof and move the concept of the atari room side by side. These are the spread of the Internet , LAN (Local Area Network) and Internet cafes and the emergence of competitive games. Thus, people have carried out their sociability in the atari halls together with the concept of Internet.



League of Legends, # 1 in the World and Turkey

  • Number of registered users: 70 Million
  • Monthly active players: 32 Million
  • Number of active players per day: 12 Million
  • Maximum number of players playing at the same time: 3 Million
  • Total hours played: 1+ Billion per month

Source: Riot Games


League of Legends developed and published by, Riot Games went on the market on October 27, 2009.  The chief designer of the game is also the founder of Riot Games, Steve Feak . It’s a MOBA type game. It’s a strategy style. It’s a game of invading / embracing rivalries based on teamwork.

Although the concept of federation is new for our country, It is now connected to Developing Sports Branches Federation under the Ministry of Sports.

League of Legends User Profiles in Turkey

The interest in this game, we can conclude that Turkey is very high. As a general majority of the game we see young people between the ages of 15 and 25 playing.

Another result is that the majority of those who play this game are high school and college educated. The game is played by 64% of men, followed by 36% of female users.


The players who play the game generally see the game played 2 years, 3 years. Although the majority of the players who played the game played for 3-4 hours, there was a player profile that played above and below it.

Another finding is that the majority of the players following the game are not only from the game, but also from the games and detailed knowledge of the game. In the same way, users are not only following the game but also helping to develop the understanding of broadcasting which develops together with the game, and they are also following it.

Finally, the conclusion is that it has been observed that the players generally play the game in their own home, and a few have played the game in the Internet café.

Source: https://goo.gl/forms/LsBhaEJ5zRIBLOqI2

Earnings from E-Sports are growing

E-sports, like it is in the world, have become a rapidly growing sector in our country. For some of us it was just fun games, for others it was a revenue gate. In todays world teenagers want to be E-sports player. They think that earning money from e-sports is very easy and more fun than other jobs. They think that playing the game is enough to earn money. But its not. Firstly you have to be very good at the game and you must obey your team’s rules. You life will be change, because you will be a professional player and you have some responsibilities to your team.

Every year prize pools are growing with the help of sponsorships. Companies like Vodafone, Burger King, Teknosa are making deals with the Riot Games to sponsor the league. For example this year Vodafone made a deal for the leagues title in Turkey. Because of this deal the leagues name will change to “Vodafone FreeZone Championship League”. Vodafone Turkey Executive Vice President Engin Aksoy said that “We made an investment of $ 5 million, reached 14 million young”. Even this effects to the league, players are also effects this agreement. When the prize pool and also value of the league gets bigger, the amount of salary they get from their teams got bigger. As an example these graphs will show the salary changes through years of the most known players in Turkey as an Esports player:


Made with Flourish


Made with Flourish
I think that there are new business areas and professional fields in the digital world. I think it would be good for both teenagers and families to have a detailed research and collective presentation of digital sports understanding. It will be very important for families to give confidence and show them what their sons can do. The purpose of this article is to tell children that the purpose of playing computer games is not just to play games, they are an area where they can develop themselves, and that professional careers can exist. The purpose of this essay is to introduce the understanding of Espor and to ensure that this culture developing.


Methods: Flourish- Dataminer

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